Just A Card Week – Day 4 (What’s New?)

At my work, (Rapid IT) they have kindly let me set up a card stand in our showroom today! So hopefully this will get me some extra sales. I have written all about why my cards are ‘naked’ on the stand too to help promote the reduction of plastic packaging. This actually fits in well […]

Just A Card Week – Day 3 (Community – Spread The Love)

So to spread the love today I am going to share with you my best friend Hannah King. She is amazingly talented and has been creating lots of lovely wedding stationary and illustrations so check out her website here, you won’t regret it! We both continued to support each other through uni and now out […]

Just A Card Week – Day 2 (What The Just A Card Message Means To You)

Just a card is all about encouraging people to support independent shops. This message is important to me as every time someone makes a purchase from my shop I know they have chosen my design over a large corporation. By supporting independent businesses you are supporting the creativity and passion of the individuals. I love […]

Just A Card Week – Day 1 (YOU – Share Your Story)

Hi, if you haven’t read my about me before my name is Toni Pilling, I am 24 years old and work as a Graphic Designer part time whilst running my business TeePee Creations. It all began 2 years ago… I was working at REthinkthings Ltd on a Graphic Design work placement. They sell a wide […]