Exploration Finished!

So I have been a bit quiet since Christmas trying to finish all of my exploration project ready for tomorrows deadline, I have got 2 books and all my appendices, printed, sketched etc. This is my final research book showing every research task I have taken out, I got it printed hardback and glossy to […]

REBLOG: Dads deserve more time off with their kids.

  Found this article which is quite relevant to my exploration subject, men can be stay at home Dad’s and there should be no stigma in wanting to spend time with their kids. Could I create boys toys which encourage them to be more nurturing? Dolls specifically for boys? This is normally a more stereotypically […]

Creating my research book

I have been working on my interactive research book non stop for the past few days, it is slowly getting there and I am planning on having all the research section finished by tomorrow afternoon so I can start doing my mini briefs. I am really pushing myself to finish it all by Saturday as […]

Parents opinions

One part of my field research is to get the opinions of parents to see how they react to different gender stereotypes. I have designed a survey with a set of statements for them to rate whether they strongly disagree or strongly agree on a scale of 0-10. Both boys and girls really need to […]