Work Placement

So these past few months have been mega busy! I have had no time to be blogging but I have kept a diary of everything I have been up to which I am now going to share with you. For the past 3 months I have been working for a stage design company called Visual […]

Solid Works

In our solid works classes we had a task to create a pen of our choice, this is my reference image and final render –  


Over the past few months I have been working in a group on a project called ‘Shine’. This was the brief for this project – Working with scientists from this university, your task is to generate meaningful concepts for applying light technology. You should adopt a ‘blue sky’ approach. In other words, you should be […]

Updated Portfolio

Currently I am looking for a Design Placement for this year, hopefully 3-6 months work, I have updated my portfolio and been sending it out to a lot of design consultancies for the past couple of months, however I have had no success yet. Please look through my portfolio and let me know any feedback […]

Non Literal Form

For one of my projects we had to create a ‘non literal form’ this was basically a model that looked like it could be an electronic product however wasn’t based on anything that already exists. We had to do a lot of sketching and initial models before coming to our final outcome, here is some […]