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Cutting Down on Plastic One Card at a Time

Naked cards is a campaign to encourage online card sellers do ditch plastic cellos in favour of either “naked” card or paper packaging. 

A brainwave moment triggered Naked Cards… why on earth are so many small online card sellers putting plastic sleeves around pieces of cardboard that are then being put into envelopes?

A realisation that they were not only creating needless waste, but also wasting money and time; triggered an Instagram Story by Vanilla Retro, as a direct result of which several of them had a conversation about it.  After broaching the topic on each of their social media accounts it became apparent that their customers were overwhelmingly in favour of the move towards “naked cards”.  In fact, the very few negative comments seemed to be from fellow card-sellers, who cited reasons why they felt cellos to be critical.

They decided to open this conversation and make it public – and, in doing so, challenge long-standing behaviours.  They will start with Naked Cards then see what other changes they can make… by being realistic and taking a small steps they hope that they can affect a lasting and sustainable shift change in the online gifting industry.

“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all.”

Ban Ki-moon

I really believe in the Naked Cards movement and as I have taken the naked cards pledge to reduce plastic packaging.

Cards come in recyclable sticker card clasps. Gifts come wrapped in biodegradable plastic or brown paper.

And if you are worried about whether cards will be protected in the post, they are still fully protected in a card backed envelope or cardboard box for larger orders. Let’s work together towards a PLASTIC FREE world!