Custom Orders

I have created many bespoke custom orders so if you have an idea for a card you would like creating for a special someone then please just contact me, I will be happy to help!

Cat Christmas Card

Linda came to me with a request to create a Christmas card which would include 2 cats, a ginger one and a tortoise shell.

I created this cute Christmas scene for her and she absolutely loved it.

“It’s perfect
It’s my kittens
Thank you so much

Happy Christmas and a better 2021
And thank you.”

Linda Dawn, 7th December 2020

Teal Sweet Pea Card

Linda came to me with a request to create a birthday card for her daughter who loves the colour teal and has the nickname ‘Sweet Pea.’

After going back and forth with a couple of ideas I then created this card which incorportes sweet pea flowers with the colour teal.

“Lovely card made especially for my daughter.
Toni asked me what I would like. Texted back and forth came back with the perfect design.
Easy to order and arrived in plenty of time just perfect.
Thank you so much”

Linda Dawn, 6th August 2020

Giving Away Card

I was asked to create a card to be given to the recipients Dad to ask him to give her away at her wedding. Shannon explained that all the cards she had seen online were a little too soppy, she wanted a funny design instead. “I would like it to say on the front something along the lines of ‘I know you wanted to give me away as a child, so…’ and then on the inside ‘how about giving me away on my wedding day instead?!’. Maybe with an illustration too but I’m not sure what of”

After working with alongside the customer I created a card with an adoption certificate on the front with the requested text. The inside then had an illutsration of wedding bells along with the rest of the text.

“I absolutely love it!! 😄”

Shannon Osman, 26th February 2020

Rude Leaving Card

The customer for this card already had the text she wanted on the front of the card.
I worked with her to create a cute flower bouquet and heart illustration to go alongside the sarcastic text.

“Arrived next day, went out of their way to design me a card, cheap and great communication. Thank you so much!”

Lisa Mai Burton, 11th September 2019

Helicopter Grand Canyon 50th Birthday Card

The request I had for this card was to create something for a 50th birthday where the present was a helicopter trip to the grand canyon.

I used my usual cartoon style to create a cute card of a helicopter flying over the grand canyon with a banner saying “Happy 50th Birthday!”

“Thanks Toni, that is great!!”

Anne Slater, 27th August 2019

Raspberry Gin-credible 24th Card

I had a request through to change the existing card ‘Hope You Have A Gin-Credible Day!’ for someone who loves Raspberry Gin and has their 24th birthday coming up.

So to fulfil the request the bottle was changed to red, 24s were added onto the card and the recipients name was added to the bottle label. The customer also wanted matching confetti so this card came with red gin bottles, green limes and red 24s.

“That is amazing!! Thats just what I was looking for!! Amazing work as always!”

Jake Hornby, 5th November 2018

Methtini Bottle

The customer for this request was going to a party where they needed to create their own drink. After making their concoction they wanted some stickers designing for the bottle. I was sent a description of what they wanted – Name: Vagrant Co. Small Batch Methini, using the homeless Jesus image. Simple colours with the writing on the back – Our Methtini is lovingly hand synthesised for the most discerning tramp. With hints of juniper and blackcurrant, this drink will warm up the coldest of park benches or doorways. The smell of old urine simply melts away as your senses are taken on a journey into oblivion and your mind and body into pleasant dream free sleep.

picture of a bottle containing words; 33 UK Units

Please drink irresponsibly

WARNING – consumption of this product may cause blindness or death.

“That’s brilliant! It looks great against the purple drink!”

David Pilling, 22nd September 2018

Newcastle Football Sticker

I had a request to create a silhouette sticker from a picture of  Newcastle football player. This style is different than my usual style but I enjoyed doing it as it got me out of my comfort zone!

“Awesome ! Thank you so much.”

Jordan Ware, 9th April 2018

Newcastle Sticker ref image
Newcastle Sticker Image 2
drums 3
drums 1

50th Birthday Drummer Card

For this card, I was asked to create a design for a 50th birthday with something to do with drumming and pacemakers as they had one recently fitted. So I created a drawing of the recipient drumming with the words “Oi Chris! Set Your Pacemaker At 50 BPM For This Song!”

“Perfect for the occasion, thanks a lot!”

David Pilling, 8th April 2018

spiderman card 2

Spiderman Valentines Card​

The customer had given me a brief for this card, it was a completely bespoke design. She wanted the card to be for a little boy that loves Spiderman and wakeboarding so  I incorporated both and added spiderman throwing a heart web as it was for Valentines Day.

“He loved the card, thank you for doing such a good job!”

Linda Szafar, 16th February 2018

I A-Door You Custom Door Card

The customer had requested that I add a door number to my existing I A-Door You Card as it was a special house number that meant something to the recipient.

“So sweet! Loved the card! Great product!”

Laura Szabo, 1st February 2018

I A Door You Number 39 Custom Card
silent knight custom 1
silent knight custom 2

Custom Christmas Card Order

The customer wanted the Silent Knight card making more personal for her boyfriend who’s last name is Knight so I added in Holy Knight to the inside with an illustration and ‘May your Christmas be as bright as you make my knights!

“This card was unique and perfect!!! Will definitely order from this seller again.”

Jentri Jones, 27th January 2018

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