Hi! I'm Toni Pilling

Toni Pilling sat at her TeePee Creations office desk drawing


Working as a Graphic Designer.

Always dreaming of being self employed.

Drawing designs at any spare moment.

Building up business on the weekends.

Covering Dad’s living room with card ideas.


Founder of TeePee Creations.

Over 100,000 sales worldwide.

Created the first cards with matching confetti.

Stockists worldwide.

Have my own studio space in my own house.

Gifts That Guarantee Them Giggles

I’m Toni Pilling, owner of TeePee Creations and I design cards and gifts inspired by my daily life, creating puns or funny phrases to make you giggle.

TeePee Creations offers fun and colourful products to give to your friends and family. I have created the only cards with matching confetti available on the market, this added extra makes them truly unique. I also pride myself on having eco-friendly products so most things are packaged in paper or card. Biodegradable plastic is only used when necessary to protect certain items.

If you’re wondering where the name ‘TeePee Creations’ came from, back at school my nickname was TeePee, taken from the initials in my name – Toni Pilling!

Peek Inside My Studio

Check out my studio space… I have done it up to match the orange and grey in my branding.

All my designs are created digitally using my iPad and Apple Pencil in Adobe Fresco.

Everything you see on this website is made in house. Greetings cards are printed and folded by hand. Gifts are made using dye sublimation heat presses.


In October, 2020 I was featured in the Bradford Telegrph & Argus as my business thrived throughout lockdown.

2020 was a big year for me, my business transformed as sales blew up.

Since then I have had a huge customer base of repeat customers which I am super grateful for.

Me and my cards were featured in thortful’s TV ads during 2021: