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5 Ways of Making a Crafty Notebook Cover without Sewing

There can be so many fun and cool ways of making a crafty notebook cover, be it with fabric, coloured paper, or even lights. Crafting is not only a fabulous gift idea but also a way of expressing your own personality and letting the other person know how special they are to you. Notebooks with crafty covers make for really good gifts for women and men in creative fields such as cooking, interior designing, fashion, and more.

If you are looking for out-of-the-box gift ideas for your loved ones and want to make one yourself, then you have come to the right place. Here are five ways you can create fabulous notebook covers without sewing.

1. Use your favorite patterned fabric

Patterned fabric craft notebook cover aqua and yellow

One of the easiest ways of brightening up a book cover is to use fabric. Take your favorite piece of cloth and place it pattern-down on the table. Then place the notebook on the fabric so that the front and back cover are facing down. Now measure and mark with a ruler a 2 cm margin on the sides and a 1 cm margin on the top and bottom. Remove the book and cut the fabric on the marks very neatly. Use your scissors to cut slits in the center of the top and bottom edges of the material. We will use these to glue the margins inside the book cover.

Now generously use glue on the inside of the fabric. Open the notebook in the middle and gently place it on the glued fabric so that the front and back cover of the book is facing downward. Press the notebook onto the fabric. Close the notebook and then, one section at a time, fold the margins onto the insides of the book cover to secure the fabric. Let the craft glue dry.

Fabulous book covers are ready! 

2. Play around with wool

Wool crafty notebook cover instructions book

Who said you need to know how to sew to use wool? In this DIY trick, simply cut out multiple pieces of wool to the length of the front and back cover of the notebook. Open the book in the middle and place it down on a table so that the front and back covers are facing upward.

Now measure the wool from one end of the cover to the other and cut it. Take multiple pieces of wool of the same or different colors to create a mono-color or a multicolored pattern, as you desire. Take some craft glue and apply it to the book cover from one end to the other, starting from the top. Then place the piece of wool on the glue before it dries.

Repeat the process moving towards the bottom of the book cover. The entire notebook gets covered with wool, and your custom craft notebook is ready.

3. Just draw

Book cover with a flower pattern drawing

Who doesn’t love some artwork in hand if it is by a loved one and has been specially made for them? Cover the notebook with drawing paper and try your hand at some beautiful drawings and paintwork. It can be anything from flowers or scenery to coffee mugs or hearts.

To make the task easier, you can use stencils with artwork carved into them to draw perfect shapes. Use pencil colors or watercolors to brighten up the cover. You can also use blow pens or spray watercolor with a brush on the drawing to add texture to the whole thing.

4. Back to basics: Cutting colored craft paper

Mandala drawing a notebook

We all have tried our hands on colored craft paper back in school, making puppets or sticking them onto our science projects. One can do wonders with craft paper when making notebook covers out of them.

Simply cover the notebook in craft paper, and before securing the paper, cut it into a design. Another step – instead of cutting the design in the cover, you can also paste designs of cut paper onto the cover. There are easy-cut paper designs, and then there are intricate designs like mandala art. These cut-paper designs instantly add beauty and texture to any craft notebook cover.  

5. Light up the book cover with origami LED lights

Screenshot 2022 09 02 at 12.22.49

A recent favourite of many is the origami folding paper lights, a Japanese paper-folding craft concept used to light up bedrooms, flower pots, table decor, or gift cards. Book covers are no exception.

You will need fairy (LED) light strips and folding paper to create your own origami-led light book cover. The traditional origami folding paper concept is different from normal folding paper in that it uses a single sheet of square paper without cutting, glueing, taping, or even marking it.

First, cover the notebook with plain paper. Then, paste the fairy LED light strip on the edges of the notebook and place the battery at one end of the notebook cover. Now use the folding paper and fold it into sculptures that you want, say flowers or butterflies. There are many tutorials online where you can learn how to do origami.

Place these sculptures on the book cover and secure them with glue. Make sure you place a sculpture over the LED light strip battery to hide it and let the glue dry. Switch on the battery and enjoy the lit-up book cover, perfect for your loved one’s nightstand.

Wrapping up

These cover ideas can be used to create notebooks for designing classes, cooking classes, boardroom meetings, etc. A lively notebook cover is sure to drive-away boredom from everything mundane and makes really good presents. So, liven up those blank journals with some creative craft patterns! 


Guest post by Rebecca Shanks, Find Me a Gift

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