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Cute June birthday card with a crown illustration and the phrase “Only queens are born in June” on the front.

10 of the Best June Birthday Cards

June birthday cards banner showcasing 3 cards, 1 from Studio Yelle, 1 from TeePee Creations and 1 from Wanderlust Studio.

Get ready for June birthdays with this amazing guide on the best June birthday cards for all your friends and family.

For the ones that can take the banter

These June birthday cards will have your friends in stitches (as long as they don’t mind being insulted on their birthday!)

For the ones that share their birthday month with the Queen

Because they deserve just as much celebration as the Queen gets!

For your best friends

Give them one of these cute June Birthday cards to show how much you appreciate them.

For the ones that love reading their horoscope

Give them a savage star sign card or a cuter one, it’s up to you!

For the summer sufferers

Hay fever is annoying but even more so when it’s on your birthday!

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