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The National Poo Museum Sign Rude Gifts

National Poo Museum Opening and Rude Gifts To Match

The National Poo Museum has opened up on The Isle of Wight

The National Poo Museum Sign Rude Gifts

Visitors have been flocking to the new poo museum dedicated to dumping.

Daniel Roberts, 51, a former plumber came up with the idea for the museum whilst in Sweden when he spotted a lynx log on a forest path.

The exhibits include fox, panda and lion poo plus a couple of human examples.

The poo is preserved by drying it and sealing it in resin.

The poo museum in the Isle of Wight is actually the second one of its kind, the first being from Italy.

He told The Sun: “We were a little bit disappointed, but then we suddenly realised that makes us number two. “Poo is relatively easy to get hold of. It’s cheap, it’s all around us and it’s almost a little bit taboo. “But, at the same time, it’s universal. It unites us with every other species on the planet.”

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