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January News

How’s your January going? 😊

TeePee Creations News

During the beginning of January sales slow down for me after the rush of Christmas so I take this time to do as much designing as I can.

This month I have been testing out A LOT of new products…

So this newsletter is jam packed with new designs and products 🤗

I also took the time to re-organise my office with new storage boxes, work benches and having a general clear out.

I love it when it’s super organised like this 😍 one of my news year resolutions is to schedule regular clean ups and deep clean ups / clearouts to reduce clutter as it sometimes gets very messy in here during busy seasons.

During my clear out I have put some more clearance sale and seconds sale stock up on my website at massively reduced prices. Go check it out for a bargain 👇

I have some AMAZING news this month. The new TV ad for thortful features 2 of my Valentine’s Day cards 🤩

Honestly I feel famous! Have you seen it yet? My cards are the Long Term Bingo one and the Couples Who Made It Through 2020 🎉


As mentioned earlier, this month has been a very busy design month for me so I have LOTS of new products to showcase to you. I have split them up into sections below, to see more info on anything just click the button underneath the images 😄

Valentine’s Day Collection:

New Birthday Gifts / Cards:

Mother’s Day Cards:

Toni Pilling
Designer & Owner of TeePee Creations

Wondering where the name ‘TeePee Creations’ came from? Back at school my nickname was TeePee, taken from the initials in my name – Toni Pilling! Find out more.

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