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Hope you’re keeping well 😊

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Now I don’t want to say ‘the C word’ as I know it’s only just August but this last month I have been working on Christmas card ideas 🎄

Every year I start earlier and earlier and I just couldn’t wait to start releasing this new 12 days pack I have created 🙊

Over this next month I will be releasing each new card in the set – “The 12 Weeks of Lockdown”

A take the mick card set on the last few months that fits with the traditional 12 Days of Christmas Song 🤭

As you may have seen from my email a couple of weeks ago I have now released face covering designs in my shop 😷

A week after this I decided to design some instructions to go onto the outside of the packaging to show customers how to wear them and take care of the coverings for best use.

I had a mini photoshoot in my office the other day, what you think of my new profile picture? 💁🏼

I started incorporating my own face into my social media profiles at the beginning of this year as my business isn’t just a logo, it’s me, I make my small business 😄

If you want to get to know me or anything about my business head over to my Facebook page and ask me a question in the comments.


As I mentioned before I have been working on a new set of Christmas cards – “The 12 Weeks of Lockdown”

So far I have released 2 of these. They will be available to purchase as individual cards and a pack altogether 🎁

Follow my social media pages below to check out each new release as they are designed:

Know someone who has a baby coming soon? Check out my new lockdown congratulations baby card 👶

And introducing Emoji Face Masks! 😬😺🤮😄😛🥴

Is there an Emoji missing that you would like? Request a custom order and I will be happy to create it for you.

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Toni Pilling
Designer & Owner of TeePee Creations

Wondering where the name ‘TeePee Creations’ came from? Back at school my nickname was TeePee, taken from the initials in my name – Toni Pilling! Find out more.

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