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June News

How’s lockdown going? 😷

TeePee Creations News

30,000 Sales Image

I have some super exciting news! I reached a new milestone this month!

30,000 sales 😲😲😲

And it’s all down to you guys and your support for me and my small business.

Thanks for making my dreams come true 🌈

This month I also carried on creating a better space for myself to work in by getting a new desk 🤗

I needed one that would carry my 60kg heat press so purchased a large industrial work bench from Big Dug. Their products are great, I already have a packaging bench and another work bench for my mug press from them.

My only issue now is that as I am only 5ft, I struggle to reach the handle on my heat press..😬

Fortunately, I have a little stool downstairs that I can use so this is going to now live under my desk 😂


As you will probably know I am always trying to keep up with what is going on in the news when creating my designs. Bubbles, the new 1m rule and Leicester have been the new topic of conversation recently so I have designed some new cards with these in mind 📏😂

And coming soon hopefully…


I am currently testing out making and printing them so stay tuned for some funny designs to wear when you’re out and about.

Toni Pilling
Designer & Owner of TeePee Creations

Wondering where the name ‘TeePee Creations’ came from? Back at school my nickname was TeePee, taken from the initials in my name – Toni Pilling! Find out more.

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