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Day 7 – March Meet The Maker 2020 – You

Instead of showing you pictures of me working for today’s prompt, I thought I would share some to show you an insight into my life outside TeePee Creations ?⁠

Day 7 You Moved in With James
Day 7 You Kittens

I live in Keighley with my boyfriend James and two kittens, Brock and Misty. I moved over here last April from Bolton ?

Day 7 You Friends 4
Day 7 You Friends 5
Day 7 You Friends 3

I have lovely friends, some from uni, some from school who I wish I could see more but we all live all over the country now ?⁠

Day 7 You

I have an amazing family and I am really close with my 1 brother, Max ❤️⁠

Day 7 You Festival
Day 7 You Festival 2

I love going to festivals over summer, dressing up in crazy outfits and covering myself in glitter ✨⁠

Day 7 You Blue Hair 3

I used to have bright blue hair, it was supposed to be a temporary thing but I ended up keeping it for nearly 2 years as it seemed to be permanently stuck ?⁠

Day 7 You Halloween

I was born the day after Halloween and I LOVE fancy dress so every year for my birthday I have a Halloween party ?⁠

And lastly, I am really quiet when you first meet me as I get nervous around new people but once I am comfortable with you I won’t shut up… Just ask James ?⁠

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