Day 1 – March Meet The Maker 2020 – Story

For today’s prompt, I thought I would take you through my design past and how I got to running TeePee Creations.

At school, I was passionate about art and design and studied it for my GCSE’s and A-levels ?

I went on from here to study Product Design at Salford University. However, after a year of being there, I realised that the course wasn’t for me and I wanted to venture away for university as I wasn’t getting the full experience by studying and living at home ??‍♀️

I then studied Industrial Design at Northumbria University. Whilst on my course I did 2 work placements, one at Visual Architects, the other at Rethinkthings. The 2nd one was very significant to how I started my business as their company designed and sold their own ranges of cards and gifts. I learnt a lot on this placement and it inspired me to start TeePee Creations after graduating university ?

What you probably don’t know about me is that I originally wanted to become a toy designer. My final major project was a board game I created called Persona which challenged gender stereotypes… if you are interested in hearing more about this I blogged my whole project on my website ?

Once graduating I started to fully delve into creating cards for TeePee Creations whilst working in a factory packing boxes. After a few months, I got a Graphic Design position at Rapid IT/LCWS Recycling. I did 3 days part-time whilst building up my business. Eventually, as time went on I became even busier with TeePee Creations so reduced to 2 days and went freelance with them. Then in August 2019, I left my job there to pursue my business full time ?

This was a huge step for me but I still think it was the right one as I can now fully concentrate in building TeePee Creations even further ?

If you have any questions about my design past leave a comment below!

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