Price Increases Notice

If you have been on my website in the last couple of days you may have noticed a change in my prices. I always want to be transparent with my customers so this is just a quick notice to explain why my prices have changed.

Firstly I have had to change suppliers for my greetings card stock as my old supplier has stopped selling cards. Then my prints card supplier has changed as I have not been getting the quality of card that I want. I have also been moving over to using my Canon Pro 100s instead of my HP printer which costs me more to run. However, this means that the products you will now receive will be a better print quality, better card quality (for prints and greetings cards) and an overall higher quality product. My other reason is due to Royal Mails postage prices increasing.

I hope that these price changes won’t affect your decision to purchase as I am just striving to get the best quality possible for all my customers ?

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