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Day 26 – March Meet The Maker 2019 – Self Care

For as long as I can remember I have wrote diaries. They really help me get my thoughts out and rationalise when I am feeling anxious. They are a safe space for me to write whatever I want and not get judged.

In December I was on the hunt for a new diary and found the ‘Being Me Diary.’ Every day it gives you a little prompt to just write a few sentences. Sometimes I follow this or just write what I want but I love that it is just a small snippet written in there as I feel less pressured to write pages and pages about my day. Then each year, on the same day you can go back through it again and answer the prompt again. You fill this up for 5 years and can then look back on all the entries and compare them! This for me is a great self care routine, it’s just 5 minutes each evening where I reflect. Do any of my followers write diaries? Let me know what ways you have #selfcare.

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