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all about me

Day 10 – March Meet The Maker 2019 – You

Today is all about me so I thought I would share a #ShamelessSelfie with you in my favourite jumper seen as my face doesn’t crop up much on here! Here are some things your might not know about me…

1. I am 25 years old

2. I have 7 tattoos and plan on getting a lot more! One of them that I am working on is a sleeve, I am about half way there with that

3. I have 2 cats called Zoe and Salem who I love a lot apart from when they crawl all over my work

4. I am 100% a summer person, I LOVE the sun, partying outside at festivals and all the bright colours!

5. Me and my boyfriend have just bought out 1st house together and should be moving in at the end of this month! #ProAdulting

6. I have a degree in Industrial Design which I got at @NorthumbriaUni

7. I am definitely a night person, I hate mornings and seem to get sudden urges to do work late at night so find myself up till 2/3am a lot

8. Before starting my business and my job in graphic design my dream was actually to become a toy designer! I still dream about it and would love to pursue this one day

all about me

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