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Day 2 – Meet The Maker Week – What Inspired It?

Day 2 – #meethemakerweek – What Inspired It? – As you would have seen for day 1 I introduced you to my Alternate 12 Days of Christmas card set, but what inspired this? Last year at the end of Summer was when I began coming up with ideas for TeePee Creations, when I really started to get it going. I used to work in a factory packing up boxes where my Dad worked and whilst we were in the car home each day he was helping me brainstorm Christmas card ideas, that’s when we started to think of a funny alternative way to sing the 12 days. I started to imagine perfect recipients for each of the cards too like Six Police – a – Playing for someone into music or in the police and Ten Ford’s – a – beeping for a car lover. All my designs started off as sketches before I eventually decided to make them into digital illustrations like the rest of my work ✏

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