Day 3 – Just A Card Week – Spread The Love

Day 3 – Just A Card Week – Spread The Love – Today is all about community so I want to share with you 3 indie shops with you who I think are amazing!

  1. Hannah Jay Hollowhead – she creates gorgeous illustrations which are inspired by cultural diversity and the natural world. Go check her out!
  2. Dotish Designs – they design some hilarious cards and prints which are cute and quirky! Check them out here –
  3. Freya Niamh Design – my best friend and brilliant designer. She creates bespoke wedding stationary and illustrations for cards and prints, my favourite being her Peculiar Poetry Christmas Card series. Check her out here –

I have selected a few pictures of my favourite bits from all 3 shops. Go give them a follow and help support their indie business.

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