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methtini bottle 2

Methtini Custom Order Bottle Stickers

The customer for this request was going to a party where they needed to create their own drink. After making their concoction they wanted some stickers designing for the bottle. I was sent a description of what they wanted – Name: Vagrant Co. Small Batch Methini, using the homeless Jesus image. Simple colours with the writing on the back – Our Methtini is lovingly hand synthesised for the most discerning tramp. With hints of juniper and blackcurrant, this drink will warm up the coldest of park benches or doorways. The smell of old urine simply melts away as your senses are taken on a journey into oblivion and your mind and body into pleasant dream free sleep. picture of a bottle containing words; 33 UK Units Please drink irresponsibly WARNING – consumption of this product may cause blindness or death. The customer loved the final design –
“That’s brilliant! It looks great against the purple drink!”
Write a comment below, let me know your thoughts! Got any ideas for your own custom requests? Fill in my custom order form here.

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