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Website Makeover

As part of my revamp I have been working really hard on my website. I have upgraded my account to a Premium to give myself more freedom in what I can do and have based the whole website around TeePee Creations as that is what I want to concentrate on promoting.

The homepage now opens up to a welcome message and 2 main links – shop now and read blog.

I have created some cute icons for this to match my branding. I have also chosen a new theme with a large banner so I can promote featured products.

Then under shop, you can now select the different platforms I sell on or browse the categories of products I sell then click the images to check out – all my product photography is now finished and consistent!

At the moment this is how I am going to keep it as it’s a cheaper way of me having an online “shop.” One day I will update my website to be able to run its own shop but I am not going to do this until I am getting a lot more traffic as it is just not worth the money.

My About Me has been updated to be more recent and I am still keeping my portfolio as I think it’s still good to show off my previous work and my work from my job! Check it out have a browse around and let me know what you think in the comments…

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