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Big Revamp

My sales over the past couple of weeks have dropped down significantly, I am putting it down to the time of year with not many events going on right now… So I’m using the time I have spare wisely and having a big revamp!!

Perfecting My Listings

One of my main plans over the next few weeks is to perfect every listing I have, that’s in terms of photography and the way it’s written. My old photos are a bit mismatch so I am changing to a clean white background then using my confetti as my accent pieces. Here are a couple of examples –

I feel like this look is more pleasing to the eye with the bright backgrounds and the simplicity of them creates a more professional look. What do you think?

My next step is to re-write the way my listings sound. To be honest, I don’t think this will be a lot of work as I am pretty happy with them, I just want to check through that they all sound appealing, are spelled correctly, have no mistakes etc.

I have also started to have a big clear out of non-sellers. Unfortunately, some items have never had 1 sale on any of the 4 platforms I am currently selling on therefore, I have decided to completely discontinue some and temporarily discontinue others. The temporary ones I may try again when the season is right and my sales are picking up.



Amazon Handmade & Folksy

2 other platforms that I want to be selling on are Amazon Handmade and Folksy. I have already been accepted to Amazon Handmade and think this a really good one to jump on at the moment as it’s completely free to put up as many listings as you want at the moment, you just pay for what you sell. It’s a new part of Amazon so they are offering this until December which means it’s a great way to test the waters!

As for Folksy, they have a few options but I am going to go for the Premium one-off fee of £45 for a year as you then get unlimited listings and only pay for what you sell too. However, as my sales are so low at the moment I am going to wait till they pick up again to start this shop.


Not On The High Street Application

My biggest step I want to take this month is to apply to be a seller on NOTHs. I have been researching the process and they are looking for sellers with something different, great photos and great branding. This is one of the reasons I am also having a revamp.

My photos are getting there and I think I do have something different. I want to emphasise that I am trying to enhance the card giving experience with; personalisation, well thought out designs and the additional upgrade of matching confetti (which I don’t think is available anywhere else?).

I am going to try and really create a story of how I began, my branding, inspiration and how the designs are a reflection of my fun and quirky personality. I want to really show I have something that will sell on their platform!

My deadline to get all this done is the end of this month so I am really pushing myself doing late nights after work and utilising my days off. I will be posting updates as I develop everything so stay tuned!


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