Back Of Greetings Cards

The back of a greetings card for a card designer is like a business card, it’s where the recipient can find my details if they want to see my other designs. So as part of my revamp I have been recreating the backs of my cards. My old design was like this – I had … Read more

Website Makeover

As part of my revamp I have been working really hard on my website. I have upgraded my account to a Premium to give myself more freedom in what I can do and have based the whole website around TeePee Creations as that is what I want to concentrate on promoting. The homepage now opens … Read more

Big Revamp

My sales over the past couple of weeks have dropped down significantly, I am putting it down to the time of year with not many events going on right now… So I’m using the time I have spare wisely and having a big revamp!! Perfecting My Listings One of my main plans over the next … Read more

Custom Orders

Over the past few days, I have designed a couple of custom orders. Drummer Birthday Card The first one was a birthday card with the request that it included a drummer, a reference to them being 50 and a reference to a pacemaker as they have recently had one fitted. So after some discussion with the … Read more