Day 7 – Routine, March Meet The Maker

Day 7 – Routine – So this is my typical routine for a work day. Step 1, Breakfast – usually a cinammon swirl and tea with sugar ☕ Step 2, Orders – When I’m fully awake I get on with packing any orders up from the night before ? Step 3, Deliveries – I have a walk to my post box and send off the packed up orders ? Step 4 – Photography, I always try and get any photography done at lunch time whilst it’s still bright outside as it’s peak time for the best lighting in my conservatory ? Step 5, Design Time – I spend the afternoon sketching and usually get some confetti on the go at the same time as it can take a while to cut out ✏✂️ Step 6, Evening Work – My evenings are usually spent on my computer with the TV on where I do any bits of Illustrator or Photoshop work and uploading/editing of my listings ? #marchmeetthemaker

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