Day 6 – Workspace, March Meet The Maker

Day 6 #marchmeetthemaker Workspace – my workspace is mainly just in my bedroom. I have a fold out table for on my bed because I don’t have enough room for a desk but it serves me well ? it even has a little drawer to keep essentials in! ? I usually put something easy watching on the TV or listen to music (mainly Britney Spears, Rhianna or Beyonce ?) it’s a nice cosy spot! I keep my pens, books and folders in a space saving desk tidy on the back of my door which helps save my under the bed space for materials which I keep in boxes and stock check every 3 months ✔✔✔ the print on my wall is from my friend and fellow designer @freya.niamh.design which I got to help keep me motivated ?#beyourownboss #girlboss  hopefully one day I will have a studio or a little shop which I can work in ???

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