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2018 goals pic

2018 Goals

So now it’s 2018 I want to set myself some goals –

  • Beat last years sales
  • Get my designs into physical shops
  • Focus on updating my blog more
  • Focus on other products from my ideas list

Goal 1 – Last year I made 85 sales through Red Bubble, Etsy and Depop altogether, however, I only just started putting real effort into this in October. To beat this number I need about 7 sales a month anddddddd I am happy to say that I have gone beyond this already for January which is amazing! So I am going to put my goal now up to 10 sales per month and see how it goes from there.

Goal 2 – A few weeks ago I had been into a couple of shops, one has asked me to come back in the New Year so today I have been printing out my new Valentines cards ready to show her tomorrow, hopefully this will end up in some orders from that shop. I am also going to start travelling around more, ringing and emailing places etc. to try and push more bulk orders.

Goal 3 – I know I have been lazy with my blog recently because I have found it difficult to update it about TeePee Creations and my job at LCWS/Rapid IT therefore, I have decided that I am now going to focus 100% on TeePee through my blog posts and every now and again update my portfolio with work stuff (LCWS & Rapid IT). Every 2 weeks I am going to dedicate a blog post even if a lot of stuff hasn’t happened, I am making a promise to update it every 2 weeks. So watch this space!!

Goal 4 – I have got a list that goes on FOREVER with design ideas not just for cards but physical products. I really want to start more on the product side to create gifts in my shop. The first one I have done is confetti upgrades for my greetings card designs. Each card is now going to have a bag of matching confetti that can be bought as an add-on to give an extra touch for the recipient. Surprisingly, this has really taken off! I only started it last week and have already had 4 orders with confetti which is great!

On each blog post, I am now going to start updating with the products in my shop and start adding them to my portfolio. As it’s Valentine’s coming up, a lot of these new ideas are for then. So here are some photos of sketching, designing and, my new finished products!


With the confetti I am getting through adding custom confetti to each order and slowly taking new pictures with the confetti behind it. I also had a custom order for the I A-Door You! Card with someones house number on which was great to do, I love creating personalised designs for customers.


So I will update for definite in 2 weeks times, stay tuned and if you’re looking for a Valentines card at the moment I have them all reduced down to 20% off until the 14th Feb! – TeePee Creations Gifts

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