A New Chapter

Getting a job and working on my own business

Firstly I need to apologise for how quiet I have been since graduating. After I had been offered my design placement in London I started working at home packing boxes in a warehouse whilst waiting to sort out moving down there. Unfortunately about 6 weeks after I had been offered the opportunity I had a Skype meeting with someone working there to be then told that they couldn’t afford to hire me as part of their budget anymore. Obviously feeling quite annoyed I then knew I had to get on with sorting my portfolio out and applying for jobs! I decided to integrate my portfolio into my blog which you can see here – Toni Pilling Portfolio, showing all my university design work in a simple easy platform. Surprisingly I got a role extremely quickly, after 2 weeks and a couple of interviews I had been offered a Marketing and Graphic Design role in for a company that runs 2 small businesses, Rapid IT and LCWS. They work with refurbishing old computers, recycling and destroying data. The position is 3 days a week for 3 months with the possibility of going up to full-time after that with a pay rise. I am really excited to start as I will be working alongside the managing director a lot, I will be the main designer there so will have more free reign on what to do and think I could learn a lot about how small businesses are run which will help my ultimate goal of working for myself. My start date is the 25th! I will hopefully start posting again more frequently soon once I have started.

Talking about working for myself I have finally had a lot of time to work properly on “TeePee Creations.” I have been using my previous designs and started on new designs to set up an Etsy shop to start selling my stuff manufactured by me rather than just through Red Bubble where I only get 20% of the final sale. More designs should be being added a lot more frequently now I have more spare time to work on this side of things which I will also post about everytime a new range is complete.

To check out my new shop follow the link here – TeePee Creations Gifts

Examples of work here –

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