New Designers

Last week was New Designers, a show in London where, as a year we showcased our design work along with many other universities. On the Monday we went down and started to build the stand, carrying this on through to Tuesday. We started off my unloading the truck then laying out the floor. Once this was done the speed frame was put up and we could start to put the boxes up. Unfortunately, some things were broken in transport but we managed to use some filler to fill holes in, sand stuff down and re-paint everything in time for preview.

Wednesday was the opening day for the show, during the day judges walked around and left cards on people’s work up for a nomination. Quite a few people in our year managed to get nominated which was great. Then later on in the evening, we had VIP guests joining us for a few hours which then moved onto a party with them, our year and the tutors. It was a really fun night where we got to relax for a bit and do some networking.

Thursday – Saturday was when we opened up to public viewing. During these few days, I got talking to a few interesting people. One being a teacher suggesting my game would be good for autistic children, he said that they struggle to understand personality so something like Persona might help them to understand these concepts further. I think I am going to look into furthering the game now I have finished university so this may be a more suitable route to take the game down. I also got left a business card by Rainbow Designs, a company which work with brands such as Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter and The Hungry Caterpillar who have since contacted me about doing a 3-month work placement. I am completely over the moon with this as their products are what I would love to work with after university. So you may hear about me working there soon!

Overall it was a really fun week and I am really glad I went, it was not only a good opportunity to show off my work but was a nice way to end the year with everyone.

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