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Final Major Project Ending

The day is finally coming, the end to my final major project! I’ve got everything made and ready to print tomorrow and I am going to get this blog printed as a book tomorrow to show my design journey.


The problem that I have been trying to tackle is that gender stereotype toys reinforce self fulfilling prophecy, that if you are told you should be a certain way, you act a certain way. Girls – your appearance matters. Boys – you should be masculine, being sensitive is wrong.

I decided I wanted to create a board game to project my views about gender as these have to be played with rules unlike a toy which can be interpreted as anything by a child.

My advice when doing this from Patrick Otley, former Hasbro Game Board Designer was – “I am a firm believer that board games for children should be primarily fun. Education can happen, but that should be secondary to the awesome experience.”

My solution – “Persona” a board game which teaches children that every personality trait can have a benefit in life, therefore showing them that they can be whoever they want to be through a fun medium!

Here is my final presentation board showing off every part of my idea.

final board

I have left a gap because I want to show my game box standing up on the table. This is a practice set up I did today –

practise set up

I am so happy with the end result!

It feels weird saying that this project is over but I have had a lot of fun designing this game, it is definitely an industry I would like to work in after university. Next step is to complete my Critical Justification 2 for this project and then onto finding a job for when I graduate!

alll work pic

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