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Persona Advert

Over the past few days I have been working on creating an advert for my game Persona to show off how it would be marketed and get the idea across in 30 seconds. My 2 younger cousins and Auntie Sharon posed as actors, they have played the game before so could understand what it was all about. Before filming I storyboarded what I wanted to achieve in my sketch book. I took several long shots of different parts of the game and a few close ups cutting them up and putting them together in Premiere Pro.

After downloading this I saw another app in the Adobe package called Character Animator so thought I would see if I could make my characters come to life. I used this to create puppets of Hip, Hinge and Cubey. Watching a few tutorials I started to get the hang of it. For the voiceover I used a website called people per hour as I tried to do the voiceover myself and it didn’t go to plan!

Watch the advert here, opinions welcome 😀 the end is near! Just need to finish my final presentation boards now!

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