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Extending the Persona Brand – Collectibles

As I was creating my board game I started to think more and more about the characters being collectibles. You can see from my previous post that I ordered 3 plush toys as examples of what these could be. These would be alongside the other 4 original Persona characters.

To extend this out I started to work on creating 2 other versions of each character. I first thought about designing 2 others with similar personality traits so came up with these –

However after thinking about this more as I went along I realised that this is just creating a whole new product and not relating to the game much anymore. Therefore I changed the idea to having the 7 original characters but 2 other versions of these doing different things associated with the game board. This way it links more with the game and doesn’t seem like a seperate product. I want the toys to strengthen the brand and by collecting the plush toys it links with collecting the traits in the game but just by means of a diffferent medium.

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I have also created tags for the 3 current toys which explains who they are etc.

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