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Final Major Project Ending

The day is finally coming, the end to my final major project! I’ve got everything made and ready to print tomorrow and I am going to get this blog printed as a book tomorrow to show my design journey. THIS PROJECT IS ALL ABOUT TRYING TO REDUCE THE GENDER DIVIDE THROUGH DESIGN The problem that … Read more

Persona Advert

Over the past few days I have been working on creating an advert for my game Persona to show off how it would be marketed and get the idea across in 30 seconds. My 2 younger cousins and Auntie Sharon posed as actors, they have played the game before so could understand what it was all … Read more

Packaging and Instructions

This week I have worked on creating my final touches to my game. To start with I designed my packaging and instructions as these will take a few days to get printed and posted to me from game maker ivory. To design the top of the box I took a picture of my made game … Read more

Extending the Persona Brand – Collectibles

As I was creating my board game I started to think more and more about the characters being collectibles. You can see from my previous post that I ordered 3 plush toys as examples of what these could be. These would be alongside the other 4 original Persona characters. To extend this out I started … Read more