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Persona Collectible Toys

One thing that I have been thinking about since creating my Persona characters is making the characters into plush toy collectibles (linking to collecting all the traits in my game). So a few weeks ago I ordered 3 samples from a plush toy maker on Etsy who has created 3 of my characters for me. I am so happy with the final outcome created by MariJonesDesign Picture to Puppet – .

These would be an extension of the Persona brand and in the range, I am thinking that the 7 original characters would be toys and then variations of these characters could be made. I am going to spend tomorrow drawing up the other versions and illustrating them to show what could potentially happen in the future. My thinking behind this is the toys could be collected and/or the children could buy the ones they like/relate too. Each one would come with a tag with who they are, where they come from and what their background is. This is also something I am going to work on tomorrow, I have bought a tagging gun so I can tag the 3 that I have had made!

Meet Hip Roar and Hinge as toys…. (Hinge’s open minded head even opens up and down! Amazing!)

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