6.7 new for printing

Finalising my Board Game

This past week I have been really busy making the final board game ready to send off to Ivory Game Maker to be printed. I have sent my board, cards, card boxes, player trays and tokens to them to make and they should all be with me by the middle of next week ready to photograph and film with!

The final board has all been created in illustrator using my wacom, I kept the same layout but just made everything look a lot more fun and colourful, adding illustrations around the islands associated with the characters. I just quickly came up woth imagery in my sketchbook then drew it out properly on illustrator as I find it easier to draw on there than in my book.

6.7 new for printing

The player token trays have been designed so whoever you are playing as it is obvious that you fill in with your tokens to start. I have just kept them simple and are printing them on A5 board with circular tokens.

solo tray 2

The image above is just an image of one of the trays. The circular tokens match the images in the circles on the tray.

I have also created all 56 fate cards and 42 power cards, these haven’t changed much I have just checked all the text makes sense and then also created a box each for these to go into. In the power cards box I have added 7 introduction cards, one for each character to give a little bit of information on what the character represents in terms of their personality trait.

The final part I have created this week is some examples for my QR code spots. In my game there are 4 spots where you can use a QR code to scan and a random ‘life situation’ will appear. If this was made in real life, these spots would update dependent on current events or the time of year. This is to keep the game interesting and bring people back to the board game over and over again.

For now I have generated 4 QR codes which link to 4 examples to do with current events this year. (scan the codes below and you will see the images pop up).

Next step is to make my player tokens out of clay and get my packaging and instructions started ready to print!

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