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Working out Probability of Risk/Gain on Game Board

As my game has 2 sections where you can take 2 different paths by choice I have been working out what the probability of gaining tokens is on each route. I need to make it so the each route has around the same amount of probability of gaining the same amount of tokens to make it fair.

To work this out I have had to do –

Sum of (total number of ways to land on square x before moving onto the route*amount of tokens you gain on square x) / total number of squares on route

For each route I have tried to get the amount of tokens you are likely to gain to be within 0.5 of 3.

I have shown below how this has been worked out with images.


route 1 initial

route 1 test 1

route 1 test 2


route 2 initial

route 2 test 1

route 2 test 2

route 2 test 3

route 2 test 4

Now with this worked out I can edit my board appropriately and get on with making it look good too with illustrations!

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