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Persona 6.6 Testing 2+3 with Children

Yesterday I played my game with my 2 younger cousins. We played the game twice. The first one lasted 18 minutes, the second one lasted 30 minutes. I recorded both games which you can see below sped up.

The feedback I got was really positive. Both of them enjoyed the game and seemed to understand and pick up the gameplay really quickly. They have also said that it would be okay for me to come back in a couple of weeks to play the finished version and record an advert which is perfect.

sophie and jack feedback

My next step now is to start creating the final board, I am going to look at the probability of landing on certain spaces. My brother (he studies maths at uni) has said to me –

“You would have to work out how likely it is for someone to choose the inner side on a particular bit, the basic way of doing this is to forget what they already have and to see how many ways in which you can land on each square to then work out the expectation mean on a particular route. The formula for the basic one is Sum of(total number of ways to land on square x before moving into the route*the amount of tokens you gain on square x) / total number of squares on the route.It’s not that you want the outside and inside to both be 0.5 but both the inner sides to have equal expectation mean.”

Then after working out this and moving the spaces around I am going to design the board, packaging and card ready to send off to the printers as this can take up to 2 week to be made. Whilst I am waiting for this I can then work on creating my character pieces, token trays and tokens. I can also start to think about the collectibles side of things.

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