Testing Gameplay Further 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5

Over this weekend I have been testing my current game with my family to get all the mechanics of it working for my testing with children on Tuesday.

Persona 6.3

The first gameplay lasted 19 minutes with 4 players. We ended up stopping the gameplay as it felt like no one was going to win. It seemed that I may have added too much negative into the game after thinking there was too much positive.

Comments that were made throughout and at the end

  • Make sure in the rules it says to spin again if you spin the same character as another player
  • There needs to be some arrows on the board as it can be confusing which way to go when playing
  • Swap tokens cards in the fate pile don’t work – need taking out
  • Power cards ended up being used to quickly in the gameplay when given out at the beginning, change this to get given 3 random power cards (could be any character), with these you can’t use them till you have filled in all that characters tokens in your tray
  • Change the +1’s on the outside ring to +2’s
  • Join the islands into the board and have them as a space, these could be FILL IN character tokens for your tray

After this I edited the board just with a sharpie marker and changed to rules to match the comments made.

Persona 6.4

This gameplay lasted 28 minute 43 seconds with 3 players. It did not drag at all though, comments were made that it was fun to play and the time flew by.

By changing the power cards to 3 random ones and not being able to be used until the character was filled in brought tactics into the game and made it a lot more fun.

One player looked like they were going to be the winner and another wasn’t doing well at all but this changed towards the end and the loser ended up pulling it round and winning overall.

As the power cards made the game really fun, I added in a take a power card space onto the risky path to make players want to take this route. I also added in take a power card as one of the fate cards x3.

I also realised on the risky path that currently there were 2 negative spaces on the beginning of the route. These would never end up getting landed on as players would always choose the route where they would land on positive therefore I have moved spaces around to have the first entry space as a positive one.

Persona 6.5

As the gameplay was starting to really work I decided to film this testing. The game lasted 1 hour and included 4 players. We stopped playing after an hour as it didn’t seem like anyone was going to win.

The comments were that the losing 1/2 token power cards seemed too harsh and that they should maybe be changed to taking 2 tokens off each player. I am going to tweek this and create 6.6 for tomorrow to test again. Hopefully this next version should be nearly perfect for my testing with children on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more testing…

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