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Developing Persona Board Further – 6.3

As there were comments on the board size from previous test games I have been working on making the board smaller so it is more practical for playing on a table. My previous board would have had to be some sort of roll mat and wouldn’t fit on a table for playing. I looked at how big other boards are and they are usually (if square) about 18″x18″. I also looked into companies that could produce my board as a one off and found one where they create not only boards but other parts too. Therefore I have decided to use their measurements so I can get everything manufactured to a high standard.

The Game Maker << Link here to the website

The largest board they do which I think will suit my game is a quad folding board of 460mmx460mm.

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I have re-designed my board to fit this size, keeping the risk elements of the game with 2 separate paths rather than different rounds on the board.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.59.33

My next step with this board is to test the gameplay of it this weekend. I have set up testing with 2 children for Tuesday so before then I am going to try and perfect the gameplay by testing and tweaking several times today, tomorrow and Monday. My brother (he does maths at uni) is also helping me out with the risk/reward paths in the game as there is a way of working out the probability of landing on certain spaces.


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