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Persona Collectible Toys

One thing that I have been thinking about since creating my Persona characters is making the characters into plush toy collectibles (linking to collecting all the traits in my game). So a few weeks ago I ordered 3 samples from a plush toy maker on Etsy who has created 3 of my characters for me. … Read more

Creating my player tokens

To create my player tokens I have been using Fimo modelling clay. I decided to start with the character I thought would be the most difficult to model – Hip. My first attempt didn’t go exactly as I planned, I wasn’t very precise and just made it up as I went along. It actually ended up … Read more

Finalising my Board Game

This past week I have been really busy making the final board game ready to send off to Ivory Game Maker to be printed. I have sent my board, cards, card boxes, player trays and tokens to them to make and they should all be with me by the middle of next week ready to … Read more

Working out Probability of Risk/Gain on Game Board

As my game has 2 sections where you can take 2 different paths by choice I have been working out what the probability of gaining tokens is on each route. I need to make it so the each route has around the same amount of probability of gaining the same amount of tokens to make … Read more

Persona 6.6 Testing 2+3 with Children

Yesterday I played my game with my 2 younger cousins. We played the game twice. The first one lasted 18 minutes, the second one lasted 30 minutes. I recorded both games which you can see below sped up. The feedback I got was really positive. Both of them enjoyed the game and seemed to understand … Read more