Persona Game 6.1

After the feedback I got from my peers I developed the gameplay further. I changed the function of collecting tokens for just one character to a tray with 4 tokens for each character which all need to be filled. This way hopefully it brings more tactics into the game as you will be aiming to land on different character spaces to fill in gaps on the tray.


Another comment was made about giving each element more impact, bringing more emphasis onto the different parts and bringing more negative into the game as the game ended too quickly and it was too easy to win. To do this I have added in a 3rd round. Each round now comes with more risk/reward. The first round is average with just + and – 1’s. The second round is riskier with + 3’s and – 2’s. The third round is the riskiest as it has + 5’s and – 3’s. To get to each round you have to spin 1,3,5,7 and if you don’t you lose some tokens. Hopefully this will bring in some more negative in the game and make it harder to win.

I have made the text larger for the + and -‘s and fully coloured the trait spaces to make these stand out more as they weren’t that obvious on the previous board.

To create more emphasis on the characters stories I have added the islands to the board instead of having them in story books. I feel like the little books would get ignored and if the island are on the game then they will be looking at them during gameplay therefore reinforcing the personality traits.


The last part I have changed is that the power cards get given out at the beginning of the game rather than bought as these were forgotten about during gameplay.

Bolt has been removed as a character from the game as it was too similar to Solo. The story and spaces were also quite difficult to come up with ideas for this one so I made the decision to cut this character out.

One last decision I made myself was to cut out the head/heart cards and change them to just Fate cards as they didn’t really fit in well with the gameplay anymore. This way you could get a good/bad ‘thing’ happen to you in the game and it suits the story more. I also realised that no QR code needs to be on the board, you could simply download an app where you just click pick up a card and it would show you what card you have.


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