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Perosna Game 6.1, 6.2 – Testing and more testing

After creating my next version I decided to test out the gameplay with my family as I haven’t managed to arrange testing with any children yet. So whilst I am sorting  the mechanics out and waiting for people to get back to me I am just going to test on people around me for now. As we went through the game I asked them to make comments on everything.

testing game

The game lasted (24 minutes 38 seconds)

These were the comments made during and after gameplay –

  • As there are now only 7 players, maybe make the spinner have one spot which is pick any character so you can keep 8 segments on there
  • Fill in your own character on the tray to start so you start with some tokens
  • Pick up fate card – swap tokens with another player, what happens if you don’t have any tokens?
  • The -3 on the spin to go up seems too harsh and prevents anyone from wanting to move upwards
  • The board has become quite large, this needs to be reduced for practicality
  • Maybe put the names on the character tray in the same colour so you know who’s who

After changing a few bits to sort out the mechanics part we played again the next day. Using the same board but tweaking to match the above changes.

This game lasted (22 minutes 58 seconds)

These were the comments made during and after gameplay –

  • Skip a go power card, not much gain from it
  • Circle of islands, could be in the same order as tray of tokens to make easier
  • Could have it as wait on the bridge if you get the same number of spins when landing on spin to go up
  • Move back and forward 3 fate cards, need to make sure there are some – spaces 3 before and after fate spaces so not always good
  • Add steal tokens into fate cards – could hold onto them and use tactically
  • Make sure all power cards are harsh, consistency
  • Make more power cards then pick 2 out at the beginning and should keep power cards covered
  • Too many +5’s at top, too easy to win with these
  • Move to start if level 1, move to any bridge if level 2/3
  • Too bias to good on top layer

After discussing the game with them I have decided that I need to reduce the board size and make a few amendments. I am going to work on the risk and reward side of things and maybe change it from having 3 layers to 1 layer with separate risky paths coming off. Next stage is to create version 6.3 and then test that.

(Thanks to my Dad and brother for putting up with me asking them to constantly play a board game..!)

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