Trait Game 6.0 – Testing with Peers

My next step was to test the mechanics of my current game design to check that the fun element was still included and that the gameplay worked. To do this I got 3 of my peers to play the game.


The game lasted around 20 minutes in total and I noted down the comments made during play and after the game had finished.

  • Collecting tokens for each trait might be better than just one trait tray as this promotes well-rounded personality
  • Could you trade off personality tokens with other players?
  • Give everything bigger impact, instead of losing 1 token on power cards, lose half for example
  • Add in risk to the game, could have other levels, these could have bigger rewards but more risk
  • Maybe make number of tokens text larger to read easier
  • Make trait spaces more obvious with use of colour
  • Character Bolt not that obvious what trait it is, close to Competitive which is Solo
  • Like the board shape and the way you can hop in and out of layers
  • Give out power cards at the beginning as they get forgotten about otherwise in gameplay
  • The game needs more negative as it ended too quickly, too easy to win

Now I have this feedback I am going to move onto creating 6.1, test this again and just keep going until I have the mechanics of the game down to a T.


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