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As my games mechanics are starting to come together I have started to try and come up with a name for my game and a strapline. I went through a few ideas then picked out the combination I thought worked best.

After much deliberation, I have decided on

Name – Persona

Strapline – Be whoever you want to be!

With this it gets across what the game is about (personality) and what my game is trying to teach which is be whoever you want to be. This has obviously changed from my original goals but developed into this USP as time has gone out. Sending out this message whilst still keeping the game fun worked better than me trying to get in gender issues too. Including gender, career roles etc. made the game seem to educational and at the end of the day I want to create a commercially viable product.

I also know that my character traits are now my main part of the game and important for branding so have started to develop these on illustrator. I have given each one a colour palette to stick too and I am going to illustrate all my board and emphasise on the islands which show where the characters come from to try and get across what each characters personality trait is without saying it directly.

When coming up with fonts for my name I am unsure as to whether to bring in the 7 colours into the name or not as it may seem too colourful. There could also be the possibility of changing the names of my characters to fit in with the letters but I don’t know whether this is just pushing it. I think I definitely want a chunky, cartoon looking font to tie in with the character design, this will probably get used for the strap like too and then a thinner more delicate font can be used for the descriptions, rule book etc. I am going to keep working on this as I go along and try and make a decision on what font and colour palettes I want to use.

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