trait game 6.0

Trait Game Version 6.0

New simpler version! (hopefully).

trait game 6.0tokens

I have taken gender out, I have taken career roles out and decided to just stick with character traits. This game is trying to teach children about personality types and that no matter what gender they are they can be whoever they want to be.

Each personality trait in the game will come with a back story, where the character is from and what they like etc. These are early examples at the moment. I am also thinking that if these work out maybe personality trait dolls could be created as a side project with more complex stories in? These could be collected by children and they could pick out ones that they relate too.


Within the game each player is given a silhouette card of their character. This is to be filled in with character tokens in the game, the first player to fill their player up wins. This is to keep in the element of building up your character which everyone seemed to like from previous versions.

pics of character tiles

Each character also gets 2 power cards. These can be bought during gameplay with one of their tokens. These are to hep reinforce the personality type without directly saying what they are. They also add in a more competitive element to the game keeping it fun.

power cards

These are the new developed rules.

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And the new developed board.

trait game 6

This game is going to be tested out tomorrow with my peers and if they think it is fun and get’s the message across, my next step is to develop it ready to test on children.

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