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Trait Game Version 4.0 + 4.1

This game is my fourth iteration which I have created and then further developed into a working prototype.

Original creation –

it 1


These are the new rules I have set for this game –

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The fourth version brought back in gender and career with personality traits. I added in a few new elements to this game. To make choosing a gender more fun I added in a ‘jean’ pool where you pull out your XX or XY chromosome. There are also milestone points on this board which have challenge cards with visual spatial challenges or empathy challenges to try and get children to be more well-rounded individuals. The last new element was a ‘How did your life turn out?’ section in the rule book. One point that was made in the past was about what happens if you lose the game, this element solves this question. Either the user inputs on the games app their gender, trait, career and head/heart points to get a story ending or the rule book could include generic endings based on how many tokens you have collected. This means that even if you lose the game you still have a unique ending.

Then here you can see the final prototype of the game.

it 2

My next step now is to get my peer group together and ask them which elements in my 4 versions they think are the most fun to play. I am also going to send off my ideas to Patrick from Hasbro again to get his feedback and then from this create a new ‘hybrid’ game with the best elements. Then once that’s all made it’s time fo testing!

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