it 2

Trait Game Version 3.0 + 3.1

This game is my third iteration which I have created and then further developed into a working prototype.

Original creation –

it 1


These are the new rules I have set for this game –

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The third version just had the personality as the element that determines what happens to you in the game. This was done to see whether people prefered a simpler game. The mechanics of this game mean that you follow a route around the board over and over rather than following a linear path. It also has a new element of ‘luck’ zones where you could get good or bad luck dependent on the roll of the dice. The early concept personality trait characters I have designed in this game are represented by characters that would hopefully help children understand personality in a simpler way.

Then here you can see the final prototype of the game.

it 2

The final iteration is to follow…

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