it 2

Trait Game Version 2.0 + 2.1

This week has been very busy for me, I now have all 4 versions of my trait game created and have only just had chance to blog them now as I have a deadline at university on Thursday too.

This game is my second iteration which I have created and then further developed into a working prototype.

Original creation –

it 1


These are the new rules I have set for this game –

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This second version ended up losing the gender and career aspect and is all based around personality traits. To add more fun I created blocks where you build your token up throughout the game. This is like developing your personality and ‘growing as a person.’ I also added in different routes on the board to try and have the element of the unexpected/surprises.

I started making the boxes thinking it would’t take long to cut out and stick 28 boxes together (8 hours of cutting and sticking later… many regrets!) Worth the time it took though as it is nice to start seeing some physical elements in the game.

Then here you can see the final prototype of the game.

it 2

The next 2 iterations are to follow…

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