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Trait Game Version 1.1

This week I have been trying to come up with different versions of my trait game which are more fun and engaging. I have 4 current routes to take the game in and for each of these I am creating mock ups that I can test on my peers and see which elements they think are the most fun out of all of them.

This is my first iteration, it is based on the original game I created earlier on in the project.


These are the rules I have set for this game –

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I added in a new element to the game where are the end you all add up your head and heart tokens and get to see how your “life” turned out. I thought this was a good addition to make it so then even if you lose the game you get a funny ending. (Bear with me on the stories written in the rules, these will be a lot better further down the line, I only came up with them quickly).

Then here below you can see the prototype of this game.


The next 3 iterations will come over the next couple of days, I am just in the process of developing and making them 🙂

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