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Perosna Game 6.1, 6.2 – Testing and more testing

After creating my next version I decided to test out the gameplay with my family as I haven’t managed to arrange testing with any children yet. So whilst I am sorting  the mechanics out and waiting for people to get back to me I am just going to test on people around me for now. … Read more

Persona Game 6.1

After the feedback I got from my peers I developed the gameplay further. I changed the function of collecting tokens for just one character to a tray with 4 tokens for each character which all need to be filled. This way hopefully it brings more tactics into the game as you will be aiming to … Read more

Branding – Names and Straplines

As my games mechanics are starting to come together I have started to try and come up with a name for my game and a strapline. I went through a few ideas then picked out the combination I thought worked best. After much deliberation, I have decided on Name – Persona Strapline – Be whoever […]

Trait Game 6.0 – Testing with Peers

My next step was to test the mechanics of my current game design to check that the fun element was still included and that the gameplay worked. To do this I got 3 of my peers to play the game. The game lasted around 20 minutes in total and I noted down the comments made … Read more