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Minor Interim/Creating a “My First” version of the trait game

This week I had my minor interim. I presented my 2 ideas for games and the 4 routes I made for making the trait game more addictive. Ian and Mark really liked the trait game and suggested that I make the version I have as an older game, make a simpler version, a “My First” version of the game, keep the board game upgrades idea as it makes the game fresh and modern and also possibly create a trading card version of the game. This way I have a range of games to produce.

To start with the “My First” versions I brainstormed a few ideas getting inspiration from existing board games aimed at 3-4 year olds. I also looked at the movie ‘Inside Out’ as this is a really good example of how to simplify complicated concepts to children. They use characters to represent feelings, have personality islands, imagination land and the subconscious. The movie works really well in showing how your brain would work in a more fun, simple way.


This got me thinking about how I could reduce how complicated my current game is.

The current personality traits I have got use complicated language which would be hard for a 3-year old to understand. To simplify this element down I have reduced the number down to 6 instead of 11.

  • Competitive
  • Social
  • Logical
  • Empathetic
  • Creative
  • Open

I think these 6 will be the easiest to represent in a more creative, image-based way. They could either be cards with images on or the actual counters you use for the game. In the new version of my game I have also removed swapping gender/traits/careers as this reduces the game play time to keep the child engaged and reduces the complexity of the game.

The other major element is the career cards, I would probably represent these with some imagery on for the main game to make it look nice but for this version they definitely need to be picture based. I have reduced the number of career cards down to 3 stereotypical female job roles and 3 stereotypical male job roles.

  • Stay at home parent
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Astronaut
  • Scientist
  • Entrepreneur

I think these 6 will be easy to get show through imagery to a 3/4 year old.


As for the head and heart cards, in this version I am going to keep them as cards and not have available upgrades as this game won’t be something you play for years and years of your life. The situations will be simplified down so a child can understand them and I think the story of the game play (going through education/going through career) can stay but maybe be made a lot more imaginative. This version doesn’t need to be as realistic as the main version as it is just a starting point to get them to learn about gender roles and personality types. I just want it to get them thinking differently about gender and learn that they can be any of the personality types and have any of the careers no matter what gender they end up being in the game.

My next step is to design a quick mock up of this game that is printable and send it off to parents to try out. I really need to get some feedback on what they think of the game and whether if this was a product made in the future they would buy into it.

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